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Hurricane Mixing Systems Ltd.

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Dual Turbo Shearing Mixer

Designed for the Rugged Requirements of the Oilfield
Benefits of The Turbo Shearing Mixer

  • Total Gel Hydration
  • Homogeneous Mixing
  • Rapid Mixing with High Shear Energy
  • Mixing of High Viscosity Fluids
  • High Rate Frac Fluid Mixing
  • No Moving Parts in the Mixer
  • Total Dust Control

Caustic Mixing Tank

Aggressive Chemical Mixing
Features & Benefits for A Proven Solution

  • Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel that allows for the mixing of any aggressive chemical
  • Use of an Air Motor and High Efficiency Agitator for thorough mixing
  • Safety Feed Hopper for the addition of dry product to the fluid in the tank
  • Level Sight Glass to indicate fluid level in the tank
  • 2″ Bottom discharge for complete emptying of the tank
  • 2″ Discharge can be connected directly to the Proven Turbo Shearing Mixer suction for safe addition of the caustic mixture to the Drilling Fluid. Also allows for connection to a discharge manifold or diaphragm pump
  • Agitator Shaft Stabilizer to prevent damage to the Air Motor or Agitator Shaft during mixing

Circulating Tank Eductor

Universal Mixing and Hydrating
Application Features

  • Mixing Powders with Liquids
  • Transporting Drilling Fluids
  • Chemical and Slurry Tanks
  • Rapid Chemical Reaction
  • Stabilizing Emulsions
  • Suspending Solids
  • Storage Tanks

Big Bag Mixing System

System Consists of Six Major Components:

  • Big Bag Frame -100″ Height
    (Standard), 48.25″ Square Footprint
  • Proven Bag Slitter
  • 32 cu. ft. Big Bag Containment Bin
  • Product Containment Assembly
  • 6″ Turbo Shearing Mixer
  • Big Bag Spreader Handling
    Assembly for positioning the Big
    Bag in the Containment Bin

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