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Dual Turbo Shearing Mixer

Proven Technologies has significantly improved the performance of this type of mixing system with a new design utlizing "Converging Jet Technology". Our multi-port patented mixing nozzle, eductor and diffuser corrects the shortcomings of other mud mixing systems by eliminating grooved couplings that allow vacuum leaks and internal pressure bypass due to vibration and misalignment of piping. The Proven Technologies' assembly is welded and flanged to provide a hermetic seal with no efficiency loss and no clogging. Material build-up in the eductor is eliminated by it's built-in wash-out capability. The Dynamic Shear energy imparted to the mixing fluid eliminates fisheyes and provides a homogeneous slurry.

The Proven Turbo Shearing Eductor is a Venturi-Style eductor that is part of a Mud Mixing Package used in drilling applications. It has a wide range of mixing applications and is used with Vacuum Re-Loader Systems, Vapor Recovery Systems, Soil Remediation Systems, Hydrocarbon Recovery Systems, and in any situation where a Venturi Mixer is required. This Shearing Eductor with its patented "Converging Jet Technology" Nozzle has outperformed all competitive mixers in side by side comparisons. When adding dry products to a liquid solution with the eductor, the system is able to very rapidly and thoroughly mix and hydrate the additives with no fisheyes or coagulated gel balls. This system creates a perfect vacuum with low pump pressure while eliminating dust plumes from products added through the hopper.

Caustic Mixing Tank

Mixing & Dispensing Strong Aggressive Chemicals The Proven Caustic Mixing Tank is designed to mix Caustic Soda for addition to the Drilling Fluid. However, it can also be used to mix any aggressive chemical as the Caustic Mixing Tank is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel. The tank volume allows for the mixing of 100 gallons of solution with the dry product added though our Safety Feed Hopper on the top of the tank. This will assure no splash back during the mixing of the Dry Caustic. An Air Regulator or Ball Valve on the Gas Air Motor Air Inlet allows for regulating the speed of the agitator in the tank. A stabilizer bushing in the base of the Mixing Tank keeps the shaft from wobbling and damaging the Air Motor or the Agitator Shaft as fluid is removed from the tank. A Fluid Level Sight Glass on the side of the tank will provide indications of the fluid levels in the tank. The glass can be graduated to show the volume of fluid in the tank. The 2" discharge can be connected to a diaphragm pump, or manifold for gravity feed, to the mud tanks. The discharge from the tank can be connected directly to the 2" suction on the Proven Turbo Shearing Mixer for the safest addition of the aggressive mixture to the mud system. As with any piece of equipment used in the mixing and handling of aggressive chemicals, a safe handling procedure should be followed and observed to prevent contact with the solution during mixing and discharge.

Circulating Tank Eductor

Mixing and suspending solids and liquids within Proven Technologies' Universal Mixing Tank provides the significant benefit of product uniformity that your applications require. The common problem of material losses due to the settling of solids on the tank floor is eliminated. Our Proven Circulating Eductor consistently produces a homogeneous fluid with an efficient use of inlet power and reliable discharge results.

Big Bag Mixing System

The Big Bag Mixing System is designed for the safe handling of, and the efficient unloading of Big Bags (Super Sacks) while eliminating dust during product mixing. Coupling the 6" Turbo Shearing Mixer with the Big Bag Mixing System (BBMS) allows for the mixing of 3200 lbs of product in less than 5 minutes. The Bag Slitter opens up the disposable Big Bag. The vac_uum, created by the Turbo Shearing Mixer, pulls the product into the Shearing Mixer, hydrating and mixing the product rapidly. The Big Bag Spreader Handling Assembly lifts the bag into place and keeps the bag from folding onto itself once it is set into place in the Containment Bin. As the Big Bag empties, the handling assembly contacts the upper rails of the Dust Containment Bin and keeps the bag taunt for free flow of the product. Should the Big Bag be lifted off the Bag Slitter, the Containment Bin will keep the product from being spilled onto the ground. The Bag Slitter is designed to pierce the bottom of the disposable bag and with the arms extending outward from the Slitter, open the bag fully and allow for free flow of the product.

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